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The knowledge of Islam is compulsory for each Muslim both men and women. Learn Quran
UK offers a good range of courses online in UK for the scholarly study of Islam to
satisfy your goals and requirements. Our curriculum Islamic Studies courses are available
online to children and adults covering all levels of UK.

Learn Quran UK teach beliefs of Islam (Eqaa,ed), the pillars (Arkan of Islam), Duaas
(supplications) from the Quran and Hadith, social manners of Islam, the stories of the
prophets and therefore the lifetime of the prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.
Islamic Studies refers to studying Islam in-depth. All Islamic knowledge and courses are
categorized as Islamic Studies online in UK. It covers many branches, starting
from Islamic History to Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

Moreover, issues like Marriage, Divorce, and Relationships etc., all are thoroughly
discussed within the light of the Quran, the DO’s and DON’Ts are made clear. The
fundamentals of Islam, the pillars of Islam, the proper thanks to offer Prayer, Hajj, the
importance of Zakat, then on also are elaborated in Islamic studies course online.
Islamic Studies is important to attach one to the fundamentals of Islam. We born as
Muslims, but little can we realize the faith we follow.

We never really fully understand the faith our forefathers followed, and now we do, we are
not even conversant in the fundamentals.

Do you recall your childhood’s Islamic Studies content online in UK? Now is the time to
revisit it, and grasp more concepts with a far better understanding online in UK by joining
online Quran institute.

Why Taking the Course online in UK
We, at Learn Quran UK, offer an “Islamic Studies” course online in UK for both kids and
adults. Age-appropriate levels of the course are taught by our most skilled teachers
approved by appropriate universities.

Our qualified online Islamic tutors UK will assist you to know Islam religion,
get conversant in the important events and historical figures, and to find out about the
sufferings of early Muslims and therefore the evolution of Islam over the years.
You will know all the items important that we should always know to be Muslims. Being a
Muslim, we should always know our model Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). How are we to
form him our model, once we have not read his biography? We would like to

understand about his life to be ready to take inspiration from it. Therefore, all Muslims got
to study Islam under courses like Islamic Studies online in UK.

Moreover, under Islamic History, you get to find out about different events in history, the
wars, and peace treaties. All the details and contributors that might help us in today’s
world to beat the present problems. Learning about the economic conditions within
the past and therefore the strategies adopted by the Prophets to spice up economies are
often revisited and used.

Furthermore, all the problems that Islam addresses also can be learned under Islamic
Studies. Basics just like the pillars of Islam and Islam teachings about humanity are
often learned. Lastly, other important lifestyle issues just like the rules and limitations of
Marriage and Divorce and other matters that are laid out in the Quran and followed by our
prophets through their lifestyles is also studied under Islamic Studies course online in
UK. This may shed more light on these topics, and that we can apply the right knowledge
in our current lifestyle instances. So, get yourself enrolled for the “Islamic Studies” course
online in UK and gain your path to Heaven. Join Learn Quran UK and start learning.

Learn Quran UK offers online courses in UK for basic teachings of Islam and topics
include prayer, supplications, and Kalmas. UK Learners are given continuous support
online throughout to find out prayer (Salah), Duas, Kalmas et al. codes by memory also as
being taught to read prayer practically. Students also are taught the meaning and
understanding of the prayers online in UK. This online course are often combined with the
teaching of Nazirah Quran (Quran reading course)

Online Courses for children in UK: –

Online Courses of Islamic Studies for UK youngsters of year (7 to 10):-

We have a really simple and structured online curriculum for teenagers of UK consistent
with their level of understanding. We teach UK kids, Aqaaid(Beliefs), Hadeeth (Sayings of
Prophet Muhammad PBUH), Fiqh(Islamic Law), Adaab & Akhlaaq (Character), Tareekhul
Islam (History of Islam). This learning plan provides with students an inexpensive
understanding about theological, philosophical, cultural, historical, practical and theoretical
basics of Islam online in UK.

Online Courses of Islamic Studies for UK youngsters’ year (11-16):-

We have a structured prospectus for those UK students who want to create up their
understanding Islam online and need to urge deeper understanding about Islam. We
offer them opportunities to explore Islam online in UK. This whole course has been
alienated into 4 levels. Learners are taught comparative of the religions. At the top of this
course UK learners should be ready to have comprehension of Islam at confident level and
have basic knowledge of systematic comparison of the divine religions (Saami) and their

Online Courses for UK adults:-
Islamic Studies courses for Adults:-
We have an in depth range of courses of Islamic Studies for adults, who did not have
chance to find out by qualified and professional teacher or they need to refresh or increase
their prior knowledge. The knowledge of Islam is conveyed from direct sources of
Islam with none affiliation with any schools of thought.

We have special online arrangements for adults of UK who want to learn Quran with
proper Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic Studies and Urdu. These courses are very effective to find
out the knowledge of Islam by qualified scholars online in UK. We also provide chance to
those adults of UK who have hesitation to find out Quran with proper Tajweed and
wish privacy to practice with their accent or pronunciation. We even have arrangement for
segregated classes for Tajweed and Quran.

What we provide online in UK

  • 24/7 Flexible Schedule
  • Best Online Quran Tutors
  • Personalized one-on-one Video Sessions
  • High Quality Quran & Arabic Materials

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